Carpet Cleaning FAQ

How long does it take carpets to dry?

At Fabricmax we use market leading machines from Ashbys and AirFlex, our machines employ steam and are equipped with powerful vacuums to suck up the majority of moisture, typically carpets can be dry within 2 hours. If the pile is deep we can use commercial air movers to further disperse moisture.

Upholstery can take 6-12 hours to dry as we use less cleaning pressure on these fabrics, this in no way affects the quality of the clean its just a more gentle approach.

What Chemicals are used? Are they professional grade?

We only ever use high quality cleaning solutions both Eco and standard type which have been tried and tested by the manufacturer, if your carpet is wool we use wool safe products. If fabrics are coloured we again use specific chemicals to ensure colour stability and to prevent colour bleed.

All of our chemicals are supplied either by Prochem or Solutions Cornwall complete with health and safety sheets.

Can you get rid of bad odours?

We have successfully completed many projects that have had issues with urine, smoke and damp odours.

We have a wide range of odour eating chemicals at our disposal that don’t just mask odours they destroy them by eliminating the odour.

Prior to cleaning we establish if the odour has penetrated the underlay as this can often mean replacement underlay/carpet.

Can you remove old stains?

Prior to cleaning any carpets & upholstery a thorough inspection is completed where any stains are identified, we carry a stain removal treatment for every type of stain including coffee, wine, tea, milk and soft drinks to name but a few.

If the stain is fresh we have a very good chance of complete removal, some old stains can be difficult to remove but generally a noticeable improvement can be made.

Can my carpets shrink?

At Fabricmax we pride ourselves on our professional approach. To date no damage has been caused to customers fabrics or carpets. We never over wet your carpets or fabrics, use too much heat, incorrect chemicals or high machine pressure which could all cause issues, this leads us to another FAQ-.

Is Fabricmax insured?

Its true many operatives aren’t insured therefore not professional. We hold an up to date comprehensive insurance policy in our vehicles which can inspected at any time so please feel free to ask.

Our policy is public liability up to 1 million pounds, this also includes the very important further option of damage to property being worked on so in the highly unlikely event of any damage being caused by Fabricmax both residential and commercial clients are fully covered.

A clear CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) certificate is also held and can be viewed feel free to ask.

Will my carpets smell damp after being cleaned?

The damp smell or “wet dog smell” as people often refer to will generally ever only occur if poor quality equipment is being used. If the carpets are over wet or not properly extracted they will be wet for days often leading to such odours.

Due to the quality of our equipment this will not occur as the majority of the moisture is extracted. As a standard procedure we add odour fresh to our units to leave a lovely fresh aroma.

Does Fabricmax offer a guarantee?

At Fabricmax we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service first time, if for any reason you are unsatisfied we guarantee to return until you are satisfied.

We are only happy when our customers are happy.

Do I need to move or remove furniture?

We carry sliders for sofas, tables and small units which we place under the feet to allow us to easily slide furniture to enable us to clean underneath and replace to the original setting.

We are unable to move very heavy pieces of furniture due to the risk of damage to the operative and your property so in normal circumstances this would be cleaned around.

Is it worth just hiring a machine from a supermarket?

The short answer is no.

We have had several calls from customers who have used such machines and the carpets have been left very wet for a long period of time due to underlay also absorbing moisture which can lead to a host of problems including shrinkage and bad odours.

Hired machines are often too under powered to be able to obtain a professional finish and do not come close to high powered professional machines.

The vacuum motors on our machines are very powerful and lift (extract) most of the moisture immediately back into the separate waste recovery tank eliminating such associated risks.

It really is worth hiring a professional and not a machine.

Low priced Carpet Cleaning services, any good?

If a carpet cleaner offers to clean a carpet for £10 per room then you are highly unlikely to get a quality service.

A professional carpet cleaning business set up runs into the thousands, professional companies invest heavily for excellent results.

If hired or low quality machines, poor methods and cheap chemicals are used you will have a badly cleaned carpet that will rapidly look dirty again.

In my experience with carpet cleaners you do pay for what you get.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept BACS, cheque or cash payment (the same day) for residential carpet & upholstery cleaning and provide an invoice for all work carried out for your records.

For commercial carpet and upholstery clients our terms are  strictly 30 days by BACS or alternative pre arranged payment method.

We have an excellent customer base but have to include the information below in a worst case scenario!

Please note if payment is not made within 30 days late payment fees can be applied.

All unresolved payments will be passed to our local debt collection agent whatever the amount.