We use aProfessional Carpet, Upholstery & Hard Floor Cleaners, Leeds.   wide range of commercial carpet cleaning methods at Fabricmax.

We are experts at cleaning all types and all sizes of commercial office carpets not only in Leeds but throughout the UK.

A large proportion of our work is office carpet maintenance cleaning meaning office carpets remain clean and professionally presentable at all times.

Using a low moisture method we are able to clean very large areas, quickly, quietly and cost effectively.

We use rotary type machines and administer the cleaning agent via a spray on the machine or industrial electric hand sprayers.

During the cleaning process the chemical encapsulates the dirt turning it into pellets invisible to the naked eye, these are then simply vacuumed away after leaving superb results.

Drying times are typically only 1 hour and are conducted out of hours so  no business down time is required or unwanted disruption.

We use very high grade chemicals with an added stain guard meaning your office carpets remain cleaner for longer and are left smelling very fragrant due to the antibacterial deodorisers that are also present.

We are Safe Contractor approved and fully insured for your peace of mind.

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Professional Carpet, Upholstery & Hard Floor Cleaners, Leeds.   Professional Carpet, Upholstery & Hard Floor Cleaners, Leeds.