Stain Removal, Odour Control & Stain Guarding

Stain Removal Treatments

At Fabricmax carpet cleaners in Leeds we are experts in all aspects of stain identification and removal in Commercial and Residential premises.

On board our vehicles we carry the most up to date range of professional stain removal products from the countries leading suppliers to tackle every single stain type including but not limited to Coffee, Tea, Wine, Soft Drinks, Inks, Oils and Paints.

For the very best chance of complete stain removal it is essential not to rub in the spillage or apply any shop purchased stain removers into the carpet fibres or upholstery as you risk permanent damage and staining. Contact a professional at the earliest opportunity.

Using tried and tested professional methods we treat the affected area with a spot stain chemical specific to stain type, this is usually always followed up with steam extraction to lift out the spillage or debris from the carpet fibres or upholstery.

We can not guarantee complete stain removal due to stain age and types however we have the knowledge to advise and an excellent track record in complete removal, safe to say if we can’t remove the stain then the carpet or upholstery has been permanently damaged.

For further free no obligation advice on stain removal treatments in Leeds or to discuss your individual requirements  contact us directly on 0800 195 9896 0r 07776 234 838 we are always more than happy to offer advice.

Odour Control in Leeds

Do you have any troublesome odours in your Residential or Commercial carpets and upholstery?

As standard on all our upholstery and carpet cleaning programmes we incorporate anti bacterial odour control.

Our professional commercial grade deodorisers don’t just cover up bad smells they actually eat them up and destroy them.

We have a wide range of deodorisers on board our vehicles to fight against a wide range of odours including but not limited to Urine, faeces, animal odours and damp.

To discuss your odour control issues contact us directly for free no obligation advice on 0800 195 9896 or 07776 234 838.

Carpet & Upholstery Stain Guard Protection Treatments in Leeds

Looking to prolong the life of your new or freshly cleaned Residential or Commercial carpets and upholstery?

At Fabricmax Leeds we offer a range of professional treatments to do just this.

We use very high grade professional water based flourochemicals which act as a repellent once applied.

Our stain guards resist dirt, matting and spillages and also contain anti-static treatments.

If you want to find out more about protecting your Commercial & Residential carpets and upholstery in Leeds contact us for free no obligation advice on 0800 195 9896 or 07776 234 838.